About Us

Dye To Remember was established in December of 2021. Although it was established not too long ago, the owner, Haylee, has been tie-dyeing and making stickers and decals for years. Haylee is a mom of two awesome kids who love to help her with these creations. You'll see some of their art being sold as well. The profits from the art that the kids make goes directly back to them!

These kids are the light of her life and have inspired so many of the items you see for sale.

Dye To Remember has a Facebook page, Facebook VIP Group, Instagram, and Pinterest! They are linked at the bottom of each page. There, you'll be able to see any awesome deals, new items, contests, giveaways, and more! Enjoy!

A Brother's Love

This boy is an amazing big brother, mom helper, and problem solver. He's got his own disabilities, but he puts everyone else first. He is a great artist and has helped make many items in our shop.

Colors in Nature

Nature is our biggest inspiration. The colors that appear naturally are just so fascinating. This picture was taken at Face Rock beach in Bandon, Oregon. No filter, just nature. Ahhh, so beautiful.

It's Important to be Silly

It's not much fun to always have to be serious. This girl proves that time and time again. I love the imagination she's got in her head. She uses parts of nature in her everyday play, and that makes me both happy and proud.